Halloween Is The Perfect Time For…

…Picking your own pumpkin from the pumpkin patch,

which isn’t so easy when you’re only six months old.  So many interesting shapes and sizes to choose from…which one will wear the face of a jack-o-lantern?  And when will the Great Pumpkin arrive?

Felix considers jack-o-lantern possibilities

“Let’s take all of them!”

…Funny hats and little black cats

who come for a visit and perhaps to have a little bite.  She (or is it he?) is becoming our Outdoor Cat.  Born to an outdoor mama, this kitten is a little scrapper who is learning to trust us more each day.  Of course, trust has to be earned, so we will continue to be patient.  This week she let me stroke her back a few times while she ate.  That’s progress!

I like the white around her mouth. We think she’s always smiling…maybe she’s a Cheshire cat?

…And spooky tales to share with young friends

like The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid Of Anything. Written by Linda Williams and illustrated by Megan Lloyd, this picture book is a perennial fall storytelling favorite.  Children enjoy the repetition of the words and actions as the suspense builds.  I love that the little old lady is feisty and fearless!

A fun, not-too-scary story to enjoy with younger children

…and for moms and dads with their little monsters (princesses and superheroes) to go into the night

to collect sweet treats to savor later.  Last year at our home we met close to 200 friends!  To see the faces of little ones dressed in their much-anticipated finery, and those of their older siblings showing them the ropes, energizes us and reminds us what it is to be a child.  Even new moms and dads get in the act, proud to show off their teeny trick-or-treaters.  And everyone is so polite, saying “thank-you” as we drop the loot into their bags.  Sometimes little ones arrive with no bag, so I always make sure to have some extra plastic grocery bags on-hand.  Sitting on our front porch, my husband and I enjoy the night air and the festive flavor of the evening.  Lots of candy and a few decorations (this year I’ll use glow sticks along with my electric tea light candles and jack-o-lanterns) will go far to set the mood as we look forward to meeting our neighbors.

Felix and Mom on a pumpkin-picking day

Felix’ cousin River and her mom on a pumpkin-picking day last fall. River wants to be a farmer for Halloween this year!



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