The Marriage of Coffee and Graphic Design

I like love coffee and I like clever design ideas, so when these two things come together, I am especially satisfied.


Take this bag of Caribou Coffee, for example.  At first glance I took in the color combinations of two shades of brown and light blue on a canvas-textured light brown background.  Soothing colors that work well together.  Then I registered the shape of the chair and the “flooring” beneath it.  So far a simple design, nothing fancy.  It wasn’t until I zeroed in on the flooring (with my trusty bifocals) that I fully realized the image and feeling the graphic designer was trying to convey.  Take a closer look:


The text reads: “This is my Zen place.  My cozy chair and pen place.  My crossword-doing, muffin-eating, never-let-it-end place.”

I read this, smiled and thought, “Yes!” In three sentences one of my best simple pleasures is stated so eloquently, evoking a feeling of total relaxation at the mere Zen thought.  They get me at Caribou Coffee. 😉  And the dark roast coffee is delicious, btw.

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