Posted in February 2012

What Is A Husband?

A Husband is… …The one who is there for me when, after I leave home to head to work, I discover I have a flat tire and need to figure out how I’ll get to work. …The one who reassures me, gets me to work, and then, after I realize I’ve left my belongings back … Continue reading

The Simple Pleasure of a River Day

At A Breakfast Meeting Over the Holidays Our two year old granddaughter, River, was visiting with us the other day.  You see, Thursdays are “River Days”, which means that Pop-Pop and River hang out and spend the day together while her mom is at work.  They eat interesting combinations of foods, play, watch Caillou (her … Continue reading

And The Oscar Goes To…

Not Oscar, but he’s gold and handsome! As “Oscar Night” is again fast approaching (Sunday, February 26), I’ve been thinking about awards and recognition.  It’s a very human need, to desire validation and recognition for the work we do, the talents we possess, or the roles we perform.  Each one of us wants, and needs, … Continue reading

What if…?

“What if…?” It’s a question posed by those engaged in scientific pursuits and by those who create science fiction.  A query for the curious and the imaginative, wondering “What if…?” provokes thought, motivates investigation, and inspires invention.  It invites us to consider possibilities and to see (in our minds, at least) beyond our horizon.  It … Continue reading

Warm Fuzzies: The Power of Kind Words

When I hear the term “warm fuzzy”, I instantly think “soft”, “nurturing”, and “comforting”.  It’s that freshly washed blanket, straight from the dryer that you wrap yourself up in.  Its gentle embrace is the feeling of security and assurance and care.  And it can be found in the simple gift of a kind word. During … Continue reading

Happy At Home

“To be happy at home is the ultimate result of all ambition, the end to which every enterprise and labour tends.” — Samuel Johnson I can’t tell you how true these words ring for me.  As an introvert who would be happier working alone on a quiet project at home, I need to push myself … Continue reading