Mind Over Matter or Mindfulness Matters

The image that came to me after seeing this video was that of Jesus, standing on the water in the Sea of Galilee and calling out to Peter, “Do not be afraid,” and “Come.”

To accomplish the mind-over-matter task of walking on a statue that stands 98 feet tall on a pedestal that measures 26 feet tall with arms stretching 92 feet wide, on the peak of a mountain rising to 2,300 feet,  requires a calmness and an unwavering belief that one will succeed.  No room for doubt or fear here.  Whether you put your faith in God or a higher power, or simply in yourself, or in both, what is certain is that you must have faith.  And preparation.

What I appreciate about watching someone working at such great heights is that before he even makes his first step upward he prepares for the job.  He assembles his equipment, he devises his plan, he assesses his risk, and, I imagine, he prepares his mind.  Perched in a place most would describe as perilous, the worker must stay intensely focused, ever present in the moment.  He must heighten his awareness, and at the same time keep distractions at a distance.  And there are many potential distractions: a phone call, the people milling below, the overwhelming beauty of the surroundings, and perhaps a bit of fear or self-doubt.  And yet the worker must remain ever mindful in the task.

Most of us will never find ourselves faced with a challenge like being perched atop Christ the Redeemer to do work, but everyday we face real challenges to our ability to stay focused.  We are bombarded by a multitude of distractions that take us away from what is important and in front of us, sometimes with tragic consequence.  Practicing mindfulness is the way we keep clear and calm, even when the world around us seems quite the opposite.  Mindfulness allows us to fully experience each  moment, enhancing the quality of our relationships, our work, and our lives.

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