Posted in October 2011

World Travel

One of the greatest freedoms we have is the ability to travel the world.  Whether we explore destinations near or far, we can push our limits and expand our horizons.  From the moment we learn to crawl, we discover that we have the strength in our bodies and the power of our minds to choose … Continue reading

Trick-or-Treat on Marshall Street

Autumn. My favorite time of the year.  A time for rejoicing the fruits of summer, for enjoying the blazing colors of the leaves and hearing them rustle underfoot.  Autumn is a bounty of earthy smells: decaying leaves, smoky wood-stove fires, mulled apple cider, and pumpkin pie.  It is a season for harvest and gathering together … Continue reading

River Day

Thursdays are “River” days at our house. On most Thursdays, my husband babysits his granddaughter River.  She goes to a caregiver the other four days of the week, but on Thursday she comes to our home to spend the day.  I have been fortunate throughout the summer to be home on River Days, getting the … Continue reading