Posted in May 2012

Awaiting (Patiently) The Season For Sitting Back And Unwinding

I am looking forward to summer.  The school calendar is counting down to year’s end and that, combined with the splendidly uplifting mild weather of this past weekend, has me dreaming to relaxing, lazy days ahead.  Wonderful, wistful summer days to enjoy quiet moments…I know that they will be here soon, that summertime is within … Continue reading

Rivers Are Children Holding Hands

I came across this wonderful little poem.  It appeared in a second grade reading textbook in an article about the life of a poet.  To my dismay, the publisher of the book did not include the title of the poem or the year that it was published.  Unfortunately, my internet research has failed to uncover … Continue reading

Everything is Gift: Celebrating Mango

“Everything is gift,” Kate Fletcher, founder of Hekima Place, shared with graduates of Duquesne University. At the age of 72, living and working in Kenya, far from her American roots, Kate had had an epiphany.  Looking around her in her African home, she realized that everything she had and everything around her is gift.  “Be … Continue reading