You’re Never Too Old To Be Happy

I have been enjoying Pharrell Williams’ Happy.  With its smooth and easy melody and infectious lyrics, this song is an instant mood-changer.

Recently we had a 30-minute “dance party” at school to reward our children for good behavior throughout the month.  One of our young teachers served as DJ for our second-, third-, and fourth-graders (kindergarten and first grade had their own dance party).  When our DJ put on Happy, the children sounded their excitement instantaneously.  Everyone was dancing and joyful – children and staff alike.  How can you not feel happy singing, “I feel happy…”?  I think that is the real key to this song, like, “I dare you to feel anything but happy” while singing those lyrics.  It’s impossible, it cannot be done.

And this applies to everyone.  Happy is not just for the very young.  Everyone wants to feel happy and to express their happiness.  Watch this video and see for yourself!  (Thank-you Gabrielle, for bringing it to my attention!)

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