Robocall Mania

This has been the day of non- stop, one-way communication.

I’m talking about the endless robocalls that came throughout Election Day Eve. Republicans, Democrats, celebrities – you name it – they all reached out to persuade and influence.  The phone rang so often, we stopped getting up to check the caller ID.

Now, anyone who knows me KNOWS how much I dislike the telephone.  I use it very little and I receive so few calls, so I especially resent the numerous unsolicited calls that we typically receive on any given day.  In fact, I’ve recently re-registered with the National Do Not Call Registry to make sure these calls do not get through.  There is nothing more annoying to me than hearing the telephone ring throughout the evening (sometimes quite late) and on the weekends; it’s intrusive and unwelcome.  So today’s robocalls were a real pain.

One thing that eased the pain a little was knowing that tomorrow will be the last day for robocalls as the campaigning will come to an end.  So glad tomorrow is Election Day.  Finally.  Another thing that helped to lighten my mood was a game my daughter, Gabrielle and I played each time the phone rang.  We would make guesses as to which political party was calling and who the spokesperson might be.  Imagine our surprise when we heard Bob Barker’s distinctive voice selling us on a state candidate!  We looked at each other and said, “Wow, I thought he was dead.”  Apparently Bob is alive and well and has still got it.  Good for him!

One time I guessed, to myself, that it would be Bill Clinton.  I should have said that one out loud because, sure enough, it was Bill.  His voice is distinctive too, Gabrielle noted.  Although he did sound a little hoarse.  Probably from all the active campaigning he has been doing.  Too bad he isn’t campaigning for himself, in my opinion.

Well, the phone is quiet for now, but I know that the robocallers will be back at it bright and early tomorrow morning.  I say, “Bring it – I’m ready.”  Regardless of the messages they will be offering or the candidates they will be endorsing, I am glad that I live in a country that supports freedom of speech, even if it does come in the form of a robocall.  And I’m thankful that I can freely go to the polls tomorrow and make MY voice heard.

Remember to go vote!

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