Happy Birthday, Gabrielle Marie!

You are still as lovely as ever!

Happy Birthday to my reluctant birthday girl!  Born twenty-three years ago on October 16, my daughter Gabrielle is the light of my life.  Best friend who can follow my thoughts and finish my sentences, Gab is my Korean drama companion and fellow coffee fiend.  She has (at times) a naughty sense of humor, a quick wit, and the ability to turn nearly everything she hears or thinks into a song.  That can drive me a little nuts sometimes (the singing), and she knows it.  But that’s one of the qualities that makes Gabrielle, well, Gabrielle. On her more serious side, Gabrielle is a young woman who identifies her goals in life and works diligently to achieve them.  I truly admire her for that, and am very proud of who she is.  This year I am so happy to be able to spend Gab’s birthday with her, which is something I haven’t been able to do for the past four years.  After all, her special day is my special day, too!

Gabrielle, on the eve of your birthday my wish for you is happiness.  Live life in the moment, and know that you are loved and wished happiness by so many people.  You touch my life every day, and I know that you touch so many others’ lives, too.  You are a beautiful woman, inside and out, and YOU are a reason to celebrate!  I love you!  Happy 23rd Birthday to you!

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