Lazy Saturdays

Thank goodness for Saturday!  For me, it’s that one day of the week when all the pressure is off and there is no schedule to follow or a task that needs to be done.  I can sleep in if I want and be a homebody, or get up early and go see the world.  My choice.

Yesterday was a great lazy Saturday.  I slept in a little later than my usual 5:45 a.m. and headed out with my husband to the recycling center.  We do this every couple of months, although we’ve needed to do it less since our community has been collecting a greater variety of items for recycling.  So we pack the van with styrofoam containers, orange juice containers, bottle caps and lids, and anything else we’ve been collecting and drive to the center to unload and deposit everything where it will be compacted and processed.  To be honest, I always moan about having to get up early on a Saturday to do this (in fact, I always tell my dear husband that after he passes on, there’s a good chance that I will no longer continue to make this trek) but it is an interesting place to visit (a real hippie hangout), and it’s fun to look at the loot that is collected to sell.  Like a thrift shop.  And my husband promises to take me to breakfast as part of the deal.  Breakfast is a strong incentive for me, so I do my part and recycle!

So once I dropped off the styrofoam and orange juice containers, I did my little shopping and did manage to find a book that interested me.  Actually, I will give it to my musician brother, since I know it’s one that he will appreciate.  It’s an encyclopedia of musical intstruments from around the world.  I think I’ll look at it a bit myself and then pass it on.  One dollar.  I think that’s a good deal.  Even if I hadn’t found anything to buy, I enjoy looking at the variety of books, clothing, and music cd’s that people drop off.  I even saw a box full of old prescription eyeglasses sitting there.  I wondered about all the faces those glasses had graced.  There are lots of other items at the recycling center, but usually I look mostly at the books.

After we paid the gate fee and for my book, it was off to breakfast.  I have to tell you that the best thing about breakfast really isn’t the food.  I know that sounds funny, but the truth is, besides enjoying to be served a meal, what I really enjoy the most is spending time with my husband.  We have such great conversations on a wide variety of topics.  I never know where we’ll go, topic-wise.  It could be politics or sports, philosophy or religion, or about a movie or television show we just watched.  Somehow we always find something about which to share our thoughts.  I think this is why I married him – for his ability to converse with me. 😉

And the rest of the day continues like this.  Spending time together, doing some household chores, taking a nap, getting on my computer for a bit, watching a little TV.  And enjoying my coffee.  Taking my time, doing what I feel like when I feel like.  This is a great freedom and a wonderfully simple pleasure.  Throughout the day I feel relaxed and happy.  It’s like a little vacation.  Hurray for lazy Saturdays!

2 thoughts on “Lazy Saturdays

  1. What a great example of simple pleasures…except for the early rise;) I too enjoy Saturdays for similar reasons. I am generally found in my nest; aka the day bed in the living room with a mountain of books and coffee, until such time I need to forage for fuel!

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