Growing Older, Living Better

Youth is not a time of life—it is a state of mind

Last weekend my husband and I attended a birthday party for a friend who was turning 60.  A milestone year, most would agree, although I’m not sure if any one year is more significant than another.  As we wished Brad “happy birthday”, our friend seemed unsure of his feelings about reaching this point in his life.  He shared with us that he was glad to be surrounded by his friends to celebrate his day, while reflecting that maybe he could have taken better care of himself up to now.  He sounded ambivalent about stepping into this time in his life.

On Thursday, I watched an interview on PBS NewsHour.  The guest was author Karl Pillemer, of Cornell University, and he was talking about his book, 30 Lessons for Living.  For the book, Pillemer interviewed 1,500 older Americans and he asked them, “What have you learned?”.  Watching the interview, I was fascinated by the outlook of older people, especially in regard to aging and dying.  The lessons expressed [in the book] are insightful and show depth of experience, and the interview, as you will see, is refreshing.  Take a moment to watch it – it’s about 6 minutes long – and see if you don’t walk away feeling better about living and getting older.

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