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Getting What You Order Or Wanting What Is Served?

So we’re sitting in one of our favorite local diners… …ready to re-charge with a hearty breakfast before taking a 5-hour Presidents’ Day trek to Connecticut (we’re driving family members to meet up with in-laws).  Our server, a recent hire at the diner, brings out the food and everything looks appetizing and delicious – eggs … Continue reading

The Simple Pleasure of the Leisurely Breakfast

This morning as I hurried to organize my lunch supplies for work, start the coffeemaker, put bread in the toaster and wrangle a bowl of cereal, I remembered, with only minutes to hastily consume my breakfast and still manage to be late for work, that one of my favorite simple pleasures in life is breakfast … Continue reading

Lazy Saturdays

Thank goodness for Saturday!  For me, it’s that one day of the week when all the pressure is off and there is no schedule to follow or a task that needs to be done.  I can sleep in if I want and be a homebody, or get up early and go see the world.  My … Continue reading