Pajama Day and the Simple Pleasure of a Good Night’s Sleep

Waking upToday was Pajama Day at school.

The students came to school in total comfort.  Many sported their favorite animated characters, like Spiderman, Ninja Turtles, Hello Kitty, and Sponge Bob, while others were decked out in peace signs, snowflakes, or hearts.  The kids really enjoyed the novelty of dressing differently for school, and differently from each other.  This year our school elected to wear uniforms, so today was a treat.  Our Pajama Day was part of our Read Across America activities.  Younger children were paired with kids in older grades to spend time reading to each other.  In the classroom I visited, first graders were paired with third graders.  It was a delight to see children reading to other children and to see them really engaged in the activity.  Being read to in your comfy pajamas – what more could you want?

Which reminds me…

reading in sleeping bagthat one of the most prized of simple pleasures is the Good Night’s Sleep.  There is nothing like getting a quality rest that leaves feeling refreshed and ready to face the day.  For me, the GNS has been more of a dream than a reality for the past few nights.  I lay my head on my pillow and prepare for slumber to set in, but alas, it is an elusive animal.  I am either too cold or my mind is too busy or my body just can’t seem to find that just-right position.  I feel like I’m awake all night, even though I probably am not.  And then I wake up about an hour before the time set on my alarm clock.  Go figure.

Maybe the next time I’m having a tough time dropping off I should open the book that I have been meaning to get to – I only have about 20  pages to go.  Comfy pajamas and a good book – sounds like a recipe for relaxation. 😉

bulldog wearing eyeglasses sleeping over a good novel

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