Simply Silly Songs

Sometimes it’s the silly things that are simple pleasures.

In the spirit of Presidents’ Day (so thankful for a work holiday!), I want to share with you a television commercial that never fails to crack me up, especially since it reminds me of the musical stylings of a family member who shall go unnamed (Gabrielle) ;-).  Check it out and see if you don’t smile at George and Abe’s attempt to bring sexy back.

When I showed the ad to Gabrielle, she said it reminded her of…

…the musical comedy duo (and HBO show) Flight of the Conchords.  The New Zealand act, comprised of Jemaine Clement and Bret McKenzie, has a knack for creating catchy lyrics for just about any topic, and music that can hold its own with pop radio hits.

In 2012, Flight of the Conchords recorded a charity single for Cure Kids, an organization driven to finding cures to life-threatening illness that affect many children.  Jemaine and Bret visited two schools in New Zealand, interviewing school children and then using their words to create lyrics for the single.  The resulting song is sweet and humorous, and features performances from other New Zealand celebrities.  Watch and enjoy:

little cuppa

4 thoughts on “Simply Silly Songs

    • I still love this commercial a year later…I had forgotten about it until I read your comment. Btw, I noticed that the video wasn’t working so I found a new url and it’s up again.

      Love Flight of the Conchords, too. Talented guys.

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