Putting Your Best Face Forward

“You have a look of determination on your face,”

said Mrs. Bishop to our young student.

We work with first graders who are mildly autistic and, in some ways, developmentally delayed.  Recently our student had begun to make connections between letters and sounds – she’s learning to read!  On this day, she and I had been playing with magnetic letters, making sight words that she had learned and also sounding out new words, and indeed she was concentrating on finding the particular letters she wanted.  Seeing her focus of attention, Mrs. Bishop praised our reader.

Magnet letters

“You have a look of determination on your face!”

Upon hearing these words, our girl stopped what she was doing and, with both hands, reached up to feel her face and brush away whatever was on it.  Immediately realizing her misunderstanding, she and we all shared a hearty laugh. 😉

Young Girl Playing By Herself

Thinking about the look on one’s face got me to thinking…

that it might feel refreshing to give Simple Pleasures an updated look.  I’ve chosen a new theme to start, and am looking forward to sharing new ideas, too.  With my own determination, I strive to continue to share thoughts, ideas, stories, and words of wisdom that will touch your heart and bring a moment of happiness in your day.   I hope you’ll keep on coming back to see what’s new!


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