Just For Now: Coping With Holiday Pressures

CI was listening to this song the other day and thinking about all the stress and anxiety we often feel around the holidays.  Pressure to create a festive, happy, loving atmosphere when budgets might be stretched and relationships might be strained can cause us to feel anything but festive, loving, or happy.  In Just For Now, Imogen Heap creates a scenario of a family holiday gathering.  If you listen carefully to the lyrics, you will be able to picture the various family members – maybe you will see yourself or your loved ones – and hear their inner thoughts and verbal expressions.  As most families do, this one tries to come together to share in the holiday but finds that it can be challenging in many ways.

Imogen Heap is a real talent and it is a treat to watch her perform.  In this videotaped performance, Imogen creates Just For Now a capella and (amazingly) solo.  While it might be a little more difficult to catch all the lyrics in this version than from the studio version, I think you’ll find this video/recording stimulating and intriguing.  Enjoy!


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