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Catching The Holiday Spirit (While Avoiding Holiday Pitfalls)

You know, it’s kind of hard to get excited about Christmas when money is tight.  My heart feels big and generous while my wallet keeps shrinking, and it doesn’t help that Amazon, LivingSocial, and Groupon (to name a few retailers) keep flooding my IN box with offers. Delete, delete, delete. I don’t even open those … Continue reading

Just For Now: Coping With Holiday Pressures

I was listening to this song the other day and thinking about all the stress and anxiety we often feel around the holidays.  Pressure to create a festive, happy, loving atmosphere when budgets might be stretched and relationships might be strained can cause us to feel anything but festive, loving, or happy.  In Just For … Continue reading

Greeting A New Year and Each New Day

It’s New Year’s Eve and I am thinking about what that means to me.  To be honest, as I grow older, I am coming to realize that holidays are like a double-edged sword.  While there is a joyful, celebratory side to look forward to, holidays seem to come with a lot of stress and anxiety.  … Continue reading