A New Winter’s Treat

While it was snowing yesterday, I thought about how much I enjoy watching the snow fall, since it is the season.  I also thought about enjoying an out-of-season summer treat with family.  Funnel cake is a sweet, fried, powdery feast of deliciousness that is typically  enjoyed at carnivals and fairs in  summertime.  But why wait until summer?  Have a Funnel Cake Party with family and friends (or make one for yourself – it’s so easy).  At your party, everyone can participate in creating and tasting the treats.  Get adventurous – try a variety of toppings (different sauces, syrups, or spices), in addition to the traditional confectioner’s sugar.  It’s great fun on a snowy winter’s day!  Here’s a link for an easy funnel cake recipe to try: http://www.momswhothink.com/cake-recipes/funnel-cake-recipe.html  Enjoy!

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