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“The Best Day Ever”: The Simple Pleasure of Kites

Yesterday we had a special guest at school.  Mr. Cliff Quinn, or Kite Man (as he told the children to call him), came to share his enthusiasm for building and flying kites.  He spoke with the second graders about how he had been interested in kite-making since the 1990s, (which must have seemed like a … Continue reading

Listening To Our Children

A while back during one of my visits to the recycling center, I came across a sweet little book.   Always Kiss Me Good Night: Instructions on Raising the Perfect Parent by 147 Kids Who Knowis a compilation of elementary school-aged children’s answers to the question: “If I could tell my parents how to raise me, … Continue reading

Thanksgiving, Turkeys, and Teamwork

A Happy Little Turkey Thanksgiving Day is a major production at our house.  We usually have about 20 guests, so we borrow tables and chairs and rearrange our furniture to create enough space for everyone to sit in the dining room.  Moving furniture and setting up is a lot of work, but somehow we always … Continue reading