Thanksgiving, Turkeys, and Teamwork

A Happy Little Turkey

Thanksgiving Day is a major production at our house.  We usually have about 20 guests, so we borrow tables and chairs and rearrange our furniture to create enough space for everyone to sit in the dining room.  Moving furniture and setting up is a lot of work, but somehow we always manage to make it work.  With a few Thanksgivings like this under our belt, my husband and I are real pros – we’ve got this Thanksgiving gig down to a tee.  And every year it seems to get a little bit easier to manage, because we’ve done it before.  I think we are a good team.  No, scratch that, a great team.

So now it’s the weekend and we’ve had a day between the Thanksgiving Day madness (it’s a full day commitment, entertaining a family dinner of this size) and today, Saturday, and it’s time to put the rest of the furniture back in place and return the tables and chairs.  My husband, good man that he is, had planned to return them to his Meetinghouse with or without help.  Six tables and maybe fifteen chairs, from our house to the car, out of the car, and up two flights of steps.  This is a workout and quite a bit of work for one  person.  It can be done, but still. But we’re a team.  We need to see Thanksgiving out to the end.  So we worked together and got the job done.  And let me tell you, even with two of us, it was a workout and I broke a sweat!  And I’m not really about sweating. I told my husband that I came with an incentive in mind:  my plan was to do the work and come home to a Thanksgiving leftovers dinner.  The thought of the ham (we had turkey, too), corn pudding, mac and cheese, sweet potato crunch, etc., etc. was delicious and motivating!  I could get a workout and get a reward, too.  And now that I have had dinner, I can say that I was not disappointed. 😉

While we were at the Meetinghouse, I spotted this cute little happy turkey and thought he deserved a place in this post.  The Meetinghouse is used during the week by a Head Start Program, so there is always some artwork on display in the area that the children use.  I liked the way this colorful turkey looked against the sunny, yellow door.  Along with the spirit of teamwork and Thanksgiving dinner leftovers, it is one of my simple pleasures of the day.  I hope it brightens your day, too!

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