Happy 3rd Birthday, River!

DSCF1960She came into this world a little earlier than expected; a tiny, precious bundle of Christmas joy.  How small and helpless she was, and needing so much of her mom’s loving care and patient attention to nurture her.  Although her mom was a little overwhelmed and extremely sleep-deprived, she managed to provide River with exactly what she needed to grow and thrive in every way.

Throughout these three years, we have had the sweet pleasure of spending time with River and watching her become a confident, cheerful girl.  We enjoy teaching her new things on “River Days” (the Thursdays when Pop-pop babysits).  And Pop-pop and I learn new things from River, too.  We learn about River’s favorite music and she teaches us her graceful, energetic dance moves.  We discover her favorite t.v. shows and participate in her interests.  For example, there was a time when she was Dr. River, giving us medical check-ups with her doctor kit. (Pop-pop got the full work-up). These days she is a fairy, sporting her blankie tied around her like a cape for wings, making magic with her pixie dust.  She enjoys helping me in the kitchen and getting into “trouble” with Pop-pop.  Well, it’s Pop-pop who gets into trouble with me – she’s just his unwitting accomplice!

Today is River’s birthday.  When I saw her last nightChristmas Photos 035 she told me that tomorrow would be her birthday, the day after “baby Jesus’ birthday”.  With amazement we wonder how three years could have come and gone so quickly, to see that this little baby we held in our hands is now the (very) talkative, inquisitive, thoughtful, grateful child before us today.  And smart, too.  She started to lead our family in a round of “Jingle Bells” only to stop us a couple seconds later to tell us that we needed to begin with “Dashing through the snow”.  Of course, she was right.

Christmas Photos 043 (2)Happy 3rd Birthday, River!

And Happy Birth-day to her mom, too, who has done an amazing job to guide River and nurture her in every way.  Mom Theoden strives to teach River to make positive choices and to express her needs and emotions thoughtfully.  The wonderful result is a child who is learning self control and how to make good decisions, and who shows others all the love and thoughtfulness that is given to her by her wise and loving mother.  We are proud of both mother and daughter!

Christmas Photos 054

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