Oh, Happy Spring!: A Pittsburgh Treasure

Oh, happy Spring!  It’s the time for blooms and blossoms, warmer air and sunshine.

Last weekend my daughter had the opportunity to host my sister and her family when they visited her in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  One of the spectacular sights she took them to see is the Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens.  Phipps Conservatory is a steel and glass Victorian greenhouse that has welcomed visitors since 1893.  Although I have not yet had the pleasure of visiting Phipps, I look forward to discovering it for myself.  Gabrielle took lots of photos during her recent visit, which she says does not fully capture the color and design in the natural beauty she experienced.  Always the good daughter, she has graciously allowed me to share some of her photos with you!

I love the contrast of the flowers against the dark green leaves.  The petals seem to “pop” and the leaves have such depth.

I like the name of this plant – see the next photo!

I like some of the design elements that Gabrielle captured, too.  See what you think…

This one looks like a real celebration of Spring to me.  There’s a lot of movement and color throughout.  The bright sunlight adds to the lively mood!

I like the exclamation on this sign: “Change is on the wind!”.  Everything does seem to change around us all the time, and especially so during Spring.

Thank you, Gabrielle for sharing your experiences with me through your camera lens.  I felt like I was right there with you, along with your Tante Michelle, Uncle Jamie, and cousins Alicia, Matthew, and Katelyn!  Thanks, too, for allowing me to share your fantastic photos with everyone here. 🙂

Happy Spring!

2 thoughts on “Oh, Happy Spring!: A Pittsburgh Treasure

  1. From one Phipps Conservatory photo sharing blogger to another, cheers to you and your daughter. The exhibit truly is beautiful!

    • I enjoyed your photos! I saw photos of Phipps from your blog and someone else’s blog in addition to my daughter’s photos, and I thought it was amazing that you each captured different aspects of the conservatory. There were some similar shots, but quite a few that were unique. Very inspiring and inviting!

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