What Is A Husband?

A Husband is…

…The one who is there for me when, after I leave home to head to work, I discover I have a flat tire and need to figure out how I’ll get to work.

…The one who reassures me, gets me to work, and then, after I realize I’ve left my belongings back in my car, turns around so I can retrieve my stuff. Then he drives me back to work, leaving his soggy breakfast cereal behind.

…The one who maintains a positive attitude despite having his morning rearranged.

…The one who removes the flat (which wasn’t entirely easy to get off) and puts on the spare, ensuring that I will have my car for work the next morning, until we can get a new tire.

…The one who, when I arrive to work the following morning and discover the spare is also flat, arranges to get the original tire fixed and comes to my work to change it, leaving me a loving note from my handyman.

…The one who makes the necessary phone calls to the mechanic for other car issues (it’s been a busy week with this car!) and makes optometry and dentist appointments for my college daughter who is home for just one week during Spring break.  And gets her to the dentist while handling the car issues!

…The one who picks up expenses when I need something and can’t always manage it by myself.

…The one who is great to cuddle with and, in his words, is always looking out for my best interest.

…The one who offers a listening ear when I talk about my frustrations with work, and who values my opinions when he asks for advice.

…The one who makes me feel loved and accepted for who I am.  He is my best friend and my sweetheart, and I feel so blessed to have him in my life.

My Wonderful Husband, Bill

6 thoughts on “What Is A Husband?

    • Aww thanks. I didn’t mention about how I came out to the car one morning last week and the battery was dead. Bill had to drive me to work and pick me up that day. Luckily it was his day off. The mechanic checked it out and said that there is a short somewhere in the electrical system that is connected to a particular fuse. He didn’t have the time to find the problem and fix it then, so in the meantime I’m taking that fuse out when I return from work each day, so the battery won’t have a chance of being drained overnight! Oh well, what can you do? Possibly it will go in to the mechanic tomorrow. Bill has been great. I can’t imagine how I would have dealt with this without him. 🙂

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