Winter’s Beauty

You may have noticed, if you’ve visited my blog in the past month, that I’ve changed my header picture.  I like change periodically, like the seasons, and even though we haven’t seen snow in these parts, I wanted a snowy scene.  When I saw this photo, I was instantly transported to a winter a couple of years ago, when my husband, my daughter, and I visited with my husband’s family in western Pennsylvania.  The scene looked just like this one.  Bright, deep-blue sky, in a pristine, snowy tree-lined vista.  Absolutely magnificent to behold.  A true winter wonderland, I remember the feeling of wanting to capture every bit of it with my camera.  I was able to take some photos which I hope to post sometime soon.  In the meantime, while I wait patiently for some flurries to come my way (Think: SNOW DAY), I can make myself a cup of hot chocolate and lose myself in gorgeous winter scenes like this one!


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