My Turkey Day Top Ten

Thanksgiving in my house (maybe your house too, unless you’re coming to my house) is a major event.

My Turkey Day Top Ten is a list of those things that keep the day running smoothly:

10. My Home  It’s not a huge house, but we somehow find a way to make room for 20-25 family & friends.  Besides, to have a home, in and of itself, is a true blessing.

9. Tables and Chairs We are very fortunate to be able to borrow these from my husband’s place of worship.  Seating 20-25 people for dinner is quite a challenge!

8. The Dishwasher Initially, I thought about putting this one nearer the top of the list – that’s how much it means to me.  My dishwasher is my very favorite appliance, and a thousand times more so on Thanksgiving Day.

7. Sterno This is a wonderful little invention that keeps the food hot and always ready to serve.  On our first Thanksgiving dinner in our home, we relied on whatever tricks with aluminum and containers we had to keep food warm (which had limited success).  Sterno keeps me happy.

6. My Lovely Daughter who will be home from college soon and who I know will want to help me with the housecleaning and preparation for the Big Day.  But mostly I just look forward to her company and her ideas for last minute decorating!

5. The Caterer Okay, I know that traditionally you’re supposed to do it yourself.  We could do it ourselves or have a potluck-type Thanksgiving, but we tried Thanksgiving this way and found that the food was wonderful and that having dinner catered gave us more time to spend relaxing and enjoying our guests.  So I am deeply grateful for the caterer and the delicious food she prepares.

4. My Husband who will prepare and cook the turkey (the one thing we will not rely on the caterer for).  He always does a fantastic job.  He’s my culinary hero!

3. Having the Day Before Thanksgiving Off From Work I think this is the first time I can remember having the Wednesday off.  This is a true blessing because I’ll have more time to finish all those last minute preparations.

2. My Husband (again) for his generosity in arranging and providing for the major costs of the day.  He enjoys sharing the day with family as I do, which warms my heart, as most of our guests are from my side of the family.  I cannot say thank-you enough!

1. My Final Cup of Coffee with a Slice of Pumpkin Pie that I will enjoy, with my feet up, at the end of the day.  I’m savoring it already…

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