Home Is Where Your Heart Is

With Thanksgiving Day around the corner, the nurturer in me is thinking more about my family, and how I want to make them feel “at home” as we share this special day together.   While my husband will lovingly prepare the turkey, I will prepare the tables with decorations and favors; ways for us to show each one our love.  To me, it is a real privilege to host the dinner, and even though it can be a lot of work, the emotional reward makes it all worthwhile.

I recently read a post on a fellow blogger’s (and, I like to think, kindred spirit) site that got me thinking about what “home” means.  A teacher and world traveler, Erin embraces the people, culture and vistas of the places she visits.  When she tries to define “home”, it is with a mindfulness of appreciating those who are with her in the present moment.  I encourage you to visit her blog to read her words: http://theworldwanderer.me/2011/11/13/home-is-wherever-im-with-you/

Erin’s words reminded me of a song that is special to my husband and me.  In fact, it is Our Song.  We both liked the words so much, that we chose to sing it to each other at our wedding.  In You’re My Home by Billy Joel, “home” is about the person you love and being together. “Home is just another word for you,” Joel sings.  I believe in that message.  Home, to me, really is about loving the person you are with and taking comfort in that loving relationship.  It is about nurturing and supporting each other, and being there for each other.  It is true, what they say, that home really is where the heart is.

I thought you might enjoy hearing You’re My Home for yourself.  While the video is not of the best quality, the audio is good and the live concert version is the one I like best.  Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Home Is Where Your Heart Is

    • I have to admit that I listened to the song at least a few times as I wrote that post. I hadn’t heard it in a while, so I enjoyed taking in the words with fresh ears, if that makes sense! I find that some of the sentiments expressed ring even more true for my husband and me in our sixth year of marriage.

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