Daydreams.  They are the perfect mental escape in a busy day.  So many possibilities for drama, fantasy, relaxation, excitement, and daring.  The medium is the mind and the control is all yours.  Create a scenario or an epic tale.  Be the hero or the villain.  Introduce a cast of characters or go solo.  When I am feeling bored or stressed, I can close my eyes and let my mind take me to a dreamscape that is amusing or soothing.

Stroll along a peaceful shore

Maybe I picture myself walking along a shore, cool sand under my feet as the water splashes at my ankles.  There is no one around and I am feeling totally at peace with the natural world.  It’s the perfect escape for me on a day when I’ve been surrounded by lots of people and too many social demands.  Or sometimes I imagine setting sail and taking off for  ports unknown.  Maybe I travel solo or bring a companion to share the adventure.  The wonderful thing about daydreaming is the sense of freedom; there are no limits, save the boundaries you create in your mind.

Where would you sail away to?

You are at liberty to do and say what you please and to go anywhere you desire.   Maybe you choose to try something that you have felt too intimidated to try in real life.  You can visualize what the experience might feel like before actually doing it.  This could be a great way to prepare yourself or at least open yourself up to the possibilities.

Often, I find myself daydreaming of returning to real-life places that have found a special place in my heart and memory.  One of these locales, for me, is Italy.  From mysterious, musical Venice to sunny, relaxing Sorrento, my travels through Italy filled my senses with stimulating sights and flavors and a passion for history and culture.  Maybe one day I will be fortunate to return, but in the meantime I can close my eyes, breathe deeply, and re-create the scenes of Italy in my mind.  And I can take pleasure at looking at some of my vacation photos, too!

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