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Outdoor Art: Sculptures For All To Enjoy

I love seeing art brought outdoors, free for all to behold, as a part of the environment. During my vacation I came across a variety of outdoor sculptures.  Some of them were whimsical, while others expressed deeper meaning.  I really appreciated the way in which each sculpture enhanced outdoor space, adding artistic interest to commercial … Continue reading

April Snow?

The weather can be so unpredictable in spring. One week it’s summer temperatures, another week it’s cool.  Sometimes it’s downright wintry.  It’s no wonder that poor Mother Nature can get a bit confused.  Unseasonable, warmer temperatures can cause flowers and trees to blossom sooner than expected.  Not that I’m complaining.  I like the spring fashion … Continue reading

Mother Nature Had A Trick Up Her Sleeve

The Question of the Day (writing prompt) for the second graders yesterday was, “What surprise might a farmer find if he or she planted seeds?”.  Some children, after considering the question, remembered Jack and his giant beanstalk.  Well, that WAS a surprise to Jack. Other students came up with other creative ways to answer the … Continue reading