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Seeing With The Eyes Of Love: Remembering Our Friend

Familiar acts are beautiful through love. -Percy Bysshe Shelley When I read this quote I find comfort.  Shelley’s words remind me that it is not in the grand gestures, but in the simple everyday routines where beauty and love can be found.  Acts of kindness, of giving and sharing, of listening and playing: these are … Continue reading

Everything is Gift: Celebrating Mango

“Everything is gift,” Kate Fletcher, founder of Hekima Place, shared with graduates of Duquesne University. At the age of 72, living and working in Kenya, far from her American roots, Kate had had an epiphany.  Looking around her in her African home, she realized that everything she had and everything around her is gift.  “Be … Continue reading

The Simple Pleasure of Observation

My cat, Charcoal, often joins me in the kitchen when I am tidying up after dinner.  Sometimes he sits on the dishwasher door as I’m loading the dishes, looking up at me, affectionately, licking his chops in his subliminal way to suggest that I should pour him a spot of milk.  Sometimes I give in; … Continue reading