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Sixty Seconds of Happiness

For every minute you are angry you lose sixty seconds of happiness. Looking at it that way, you have to wonder why anyone would want to hold onto anger!  Sure, you can’t always avoid or prevent being angry; our bodies are wired to respond in any number of ways to stress and challenge, anger being … Continue reading

“Do you know you are my favorite?”

When my daughter and a few of the “older” cousins in our family were very young, I liked to tell each one, “You are my favorite.”  For example, to my daughter I would say, “Do you know that you are my favorite daughter?”  She would moan, “But Mom, I’m your only daughter!”  Well that didn’t … Continue reading

Warm Fuzzies: The Power of Kind Words

When I hear the term “warm fuzzy”, I instantly think “soft”, “nurturing”, and “comforting”.  It’s that freshly washed blanket, straight from the dryer that you wrap yourself up in.  Its gentle embrace is the feeling of security and assurance and care.  And it can be found in the simple gift of a kind word. During … Continue reading